Making Oreo marshmallow bars

A very simple but tasty lesson.

During the first class we went over the ingredients and directions on how to make the bars.   I put together a quick little worksheet so that the learners would have a chance to practice and remember the definitions and processes.



IMG_1437-1170In the second class I left it up to the students to ask for what they needed “Can I get Oreo cookies please”  “Can i get a bowl” and then got them to recite the directions on how to make the bars. “Put Oreo’s in a bag and crush”  “Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.”


IMG_1453-1170IMG_1446-1170IMG_1458-1170One of my objectives for this lesson was to have the learners THINK, TRY, and do tasks themselves without my help or intervention.  I find many students are afraid to try new things. (even opening a microwave door brings on hesitation)

In the end the Oreo bars came out delicious and the Kids eat them allllll up!!IMG_1421-1170IMG_1423-1170