Monopoly!! モノポリー


Coming up to the last class for these guys.  They will me moving up to Junior high school soon. 

Today we played Monopoly.  The kids caught on quick.

Y… was lucky and grabbed all the property, leaving us in the dust.  After that it was “Game over!”IMG_0741-1024 IMG_0742-1024 IMG_0743-1024 IMG_0744-1024

Spaghetti Tower スパゲッティ・タワー


For the last few classes we have been looking a different skyscrapers and towers around the world.  For homework I gave the students 3 questions to take down and research at home.

What is tallest building in the world?

What is the second tallest building in the world?

What shape makes a building strong.

The next assignment was to design a tower out of spaghetti.   The tallest tower able to hold up a candy would be the winner!!!  OOPS!!   I forgot to take pics of the finished towers 子供クラス・スパゲッティ・タワー子供クラス・スパゲッティ・タワー