Making flashlights

A very special project with the Top Gear class.  Home-made flash lights!!!トップギア・キッズクラス I wasn’t sure it the kids would be interested  in electronics but to my surprise they were all for it.トップギア・キッズクラス We started off with a simple diagram of a circuit and how to wire up the LED.


The kids then quickly got to work. We used a toilet paper roll for the body and put the battery and electronics inside.トップギア・キッズクラス

The students stripped wire, connected the anode of the LED to a 220 Ohm resistor and the cathode to ground.トップギア・キッズクラストップギア・キッズクラストップギア・キッズクラスNext we glued on a button.

Put it all together, connected the battery, and……….トップギア・キッズクラストップギア・キッズクラス

3….2…1…. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!  It worked!!!!!