Making candy dispensers in class!! Week 2

Continuing from the previous week, we got down to gluing and screwing the top cap that would hold the jar in place.  The kids had a choice of using either hot glue or screws.  Most of them chose the glue. We then aligned the hole and the candy puller part?? and  slapped everything together. Threw in some candy and we were ready to munch away one or two candies at a time.  There were a few improvements we could make in the future to improve on the dispenser but everything worked good enough.



Making candy dispensers in class!! Week 1

As me and the kids were looking around for a project to do in class, we stumbled across a simple candy dispenser design.

This is our story :

Week 1 started with gluing all the blocks together to build up the base of the dispenser.  Their “homework” for the next need would be to bring in a glass jar to hold the candies.DSC_0140_1-1080 DSC_0137-1080 DSC_0134_1-1080 DSC_0131_1-1080 DSC_0129-1080 DSC_0125_1-1080 DSC_0124_1-1080 DSC_0577-1080 Making a candy dispenser



Making Ice Cream in class アイスクリーム作り

Homemade or should i say classmade ice cream!!! A super simple and fun activity for the kids to do in class.  We started of by mixing milk, cream, sugar, and flavours the kids had brought from home.   Poured it into a ziploc bag, put the bag in a container filled with ice and salt and got to work shaking it for about 20 min.  It tasted AWESOME!!!  The kids did an excellent job!!

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Spaghetti Tower スパゲッティ・タワー


For the last few classes we have been looking a different skyscrapers and towers around the world.  For homework I gave the students 3 questions to take down and research at home.

What is tallest building in the world?

What is the second tallest building in the world?

What shape makes a building strong.

The next assignment was to design a tower out of spaghetti.   The tallest tower able to hold up a candy would be the winner!!!  OOPS!!   I forgot to take pics of the finished towers 子供クラス・スパゲッティ・タワー子供クラス・スパゲッティ・タワー

キッズクラス  ピザーゲーム PIZZA PANIC

Some pics from the kids class a few weeks ago.

PIZZA PANIC!!!  Love this game, so easy but so fun 🙂

We practice saying the different pizza toppings while placing them on the pizza.  “Can I get a mushroom please”  “Cheese on the pizza”

The kids have a blast trying to add toppings on a very shaky pizza pie.  Although by the time i snapped a few pics we had finished playing the game and the kids went on to topping a “real” pizza pizzaiolo (googled it, person who makes pizzas)IMG_0475-1024IMG_0476-1024

Kids Christmas party!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I’m still full from constantly eating the whole weekend.

This year in the younger kids class, we made chocolate covered marshmallow reindeer.

The marshmallows are very soft and the chocolate was runny so it was a bit difficult to decorate but the the kids did an excellent

With the older class we made stained glass cookies.

The children started off by breaking up some coloured hard candy.  Then went on to shape some cookies.

Next was to add the crushed candies on the spaces and bake.  BUT!!! ahh   I forgot to take pics after the cookies were baked.  🙁kids-christmas-3-1024

Finally for the oldest kids, as requested….   PIZZA!!!!   Started from scratch, four water yeast. Kneed the dough then shaped into a Christmas tree pizza.   Unfortunately we didn’t have time to let the dough rise so the end result was a bit hard.  I guess you could call it really really crispy??   or just hard.   But it still tasted good either

Wish you all a happy new year!!! 


Kids class Halloween 2016

Another Halloween week done!!   Here are some pics from the classes.

We started off by making Trick-or-treat  bags and then played bingo.  I also had a box where you stick your hand in and try to grab candy, But WATCH OUT!!  you might just grab a handful of zombie brain!!!!

キッズクラスのハロウィーンパーティーキッズクラスのハロウィーンパーティー キッズクラスのハロウィーンパーティー キッズクラスのハロウィーンパーティーキッズクラスのハロウィーンパーティー キッズクラスのハロウィーンパーティー


キッズクラス Kids class

Just a few pics from the kids class last week.
I wanted to get the kids to remember by heart some simple articles, prepositions and words. “the, in, and, on, they” etc. They always seem to run into problems trying to read them. I had the kids write up a few cards with words on them and played a game of slap the card with fly swatters when called out..img_0046-1024


We also learned about body pars playing Operation.  The aim of the game is to remove strange parts from inside the patient  without touching the sides or else the buzzer will sound. BEEEEEEEP!!!!!!

img_0047-1024 img_0048-1024



Making Oreo marshmallow bars

A very simple but tasty lesson.

During the first class we went over the ingredients and directions on how to make the bars.   I put together a quick little worksheet so that the learners would have a chance to practice and remember the definitions and processes.



IMG_1437-1170In the second class I left it up to the students to ask for what they needed “Can I get Oreo cookies please”  “Can i get a bowl” and then got them to recite the directions on how to make the bars. “Put Oreo’s in a bag and crush”  “Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.”


IMG_1453-1170IMG_1446-1170IMG_1458-1170One of my objectives for this lesson was to have the learners THINK, TRY, and do tasks themselves without my help or intervention.  I find many students are afraid to try new things. (even opening a microwave door brings on hesitation)

In the end the Oreo bars came out delicious and the Kids eat them allllll up!!IMG_1421-1170IMG_1423-1170