Kids Christmas party!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I’m still full from constantly eating the whole weekend.

This year in the younger kids class, we made chocolate covered marshmallow reindeer.

The marshmallows are very soft and the chocolate was runny so it was a bit difficult to decorate but the the kids did an excellent

With the older class we made stained glass cookies.

The children started off by breaking up some coloured hard candy.  Then went on to shape some cookies.

Next was to add the crushed candies on the spaces and bake.  BUT!!! ahh   I forgot to take pics after the cookies were baked.  🙁kids-christmas-3-1024

Finally for the oldest kids, as requested….   PIZZA!!!!   Started from scratch, four water yeast. Kneed the dough then shaped into a Christmas tree pizza.   Unfortunately we didn’t have time to let the dough rise so the end result was a bit hard.  I guess you could call it really really crispy??   or just hard.   But it still tasted good either

Wish you all a happy new year!!!